V6 vs V8 T5 Comparison

Transmission Gear Ratio Comparison

MGB w/o O.D. GM V6 GM V8 (Std.) GM V8 (Opt.)
1ST 3.44:1 3.97:1 2.95:1 3.35:1
2ND 2.17:1 2.34:1 1.94:1 1.99:1
3RD 1.38:1 1.46:1 1.34:1 1.33:1
4TH 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.00:1
5TH N/A 0.73:1 0.79:1 0.68:1
Max Torque ? 225 lb ft 275 lb ft 300 lb ft


Note: there were also optional 5th gear ratios, matched to various rear axle ratios.

Information taken from “How to Tune and Modify Your Camaro – 1982-1998” by Jason Scott

The Right Gear Setup

One of the hardest concepts for automotive enthusiasts to grasp is that of gearing on overall performance. Yet the principle is rather straightforward:

Gearing should allow the engine to operate at or near its peak efficiency under given conditions. Knowing the torque peak of the engine is important to determine the gearing necessary for the engine to operate at its best, an important item is the camshaft.

The camshaft controls the rpm peak of torque and horsepower, next is the type of induction, valve size, intake runner size, etc.

To determine gearing follow this formula:

(mph X gear ratio (5th gear) X final drive ratio X 336) / Tire diameter = Engine RPM

(65 mph X 0.79 X 3.90 X 336) / 23 inches = 2925rpm

Note: the V6’s peak output is at 2700rpm.

Fine-tuning of cruising rpm can be achieved by changing tire diameter.