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You may place orders right here on our website. Alternatively, we’re happy to take orders by phone, mail, or e-mail. We accept all the popular credit cards, PayPal, cashier’s checks, money orders, and personal checks. All checks should be payable to Classic Conversions. Please allow seven days for checks to clear.

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Please include the model and year of your MGB and your shipping information with all orders.

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Part Number Item description Price
CC-1014-Link Rear Suspension Kit$1625.00
CC-102MGB V6 Installation Kit$850.00
CC-102AHeaders for 60 degree V6 (w/bolts & gaskets)$595.00
CC-103Front Coil Over Suspension w/ camber adjustment and adjustable shocks$2950
CC-105CNC Machined Manifold Top for Edelbrock Bottom$280.00
CC-107Complete CWR A/C Bracket Kit$520.00
CC-108CWR A/C Bracket Only$250.00
CC-109Complete CCWR A/C Bracket Kit$505
CC-110CCWR A/C Bracket Only$235.00
CC-111Pulley Set, Alternator Mounting Kit and Belt$340.00
CC-112Aluminum Pulley Kit for 3.4 Reverse Water Pump, complete$435.00
CC-113Idler Pulley for 3.4 Reverse Water Pump, complete$195.00
CC-114Improved Touring Brake Kit$775.00
CC-114AImproved Touring Brake Kit without rotors$650.00
CC-11511.75" Vented Rotor Brake Kit$1075.00
CC-116Hub Kit and Complete Brake Kit$1375.00
MGB-100Fiber Glass Speedster Body Kit$1900.00
MGB-101aFiber glass MGB Hood$395.00
MGB-102AMG RV8 Style Fiberglass Hood$395.00
MGB-103Special Tuning Air Dam$137.00
MGB-104Sebring Rear Valance$160.00
MGB-106GT Rear Hatch Spoiler$180.00