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MGB Coil-Over Front Suspension

Front suspension uses the MGB cross member. Modifications are needed to the cross member.

Corners of the cross member where the bump stop resides need to be cut to make room for the coil over.

Front suspension is complete from hub to hub. Front suspension includes everything  Calipers, rotors, hubs, pads, brake lines, fittings, hardware, cross member pads, lower A arm bushings, coil over springs, ball joints, wheel bearings and seals.

All of the front suspension parts are powder coated. There are optional caliper colors at an additional cost. The kit shows the standard natural color.

Instructions are included plus phone support.

Front suspension is fully adjustable for camber, caster, ride height and suspension stiffness via coil over adjustment knob. Easy coil spring change if needed to Taylor suspension.

Geometry is greatly improved by using Willwood revise spindle and ball joints.

Caster and camber are adjustable.

Choice of hub bolt pattern such as ;  MGB bolt pattern 4 on 4.5

and Additional bolt pattern 100 mm is incorporated in the MGB hub.

Standard Ford 5 on 4.5 and GM 5 on 4.75

MGB and 100 mm hub bolt pattern are extra cost, this hubs are aluminum and custom made.

Front end introductory price $2950.

MGB hubs cost $375


Front end kit is shipped in two boxes via UPS

When placing your order, please let us know:

Type of engine; 4 cyl, V6, Rover V8 or Ford V8

…and if equipped with AC