Garage sales

Wilwood Hubs $120.00  4 ea
Aluminum Big Brake kit hubs, rotor hats and rotors
Does not include calipers, pads and adapters.
$350.00 pair
Chrome 10″ X 2.5 Coil over springs $75.00   pair
300 lb spring rate
Recondition 2800 liter V6 Aluminum heads $300.00
1997/98 Rebuilt 3.8 Buick long block $1,200.00
Custom Wiring Harness for 3.8 with ECU $550.00
ECU program by Sinister in Indiana

Early MGB Engine With Later Head & Transmission

Early MGB Engine With Later Head & Transmission – SOLD!!

The engine is not a 3 main engine as there is no tach drive on the intake manifold side. The
engine number is a 18GH not 18G. 18 GH was used in MGBs from Oct 1968 until Aug 1970.
The gearbox is a standard 4 sync gearbox not the 3 sync box used on early cars.

1977 MGB Left Front Fender

1977 MGB Left Front Fender SOLD!!

This a used left or driver side front fender from a 1977 MGB I am parting out. Will work with
rubber bumper MGB. It is in pretty nice shape. Pretty. much rust-free,straight and clean. Includes
stainless trim molding. Will be a great panel to work with. Local pick up no problem.